december 29th is a birthday for all hot people. if your birthday is this day you must be real hot.
it’s december 29th!”
hot birthday
by hot girl season October 22, 2019
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if you were born on december 29th it’s a dumb b!tch birthday especially if your names lynnsiepack.
lynnsies born on december 29th she’s a dumb b!tch
by eLwhYeNeNeSeyeEe October 19, 2020
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pretty much if you were born on this day, it’s your birthday. but if you’re name is liliana ortiz and you were born on this day in 2003, you are a stupid bitch who doesn’t deserve to live. that’s all.
my birthday is on december 29th.”
four days after christmas?”
by retartpie October 15, 2019
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The birthday of champions. Everyone should love the people who where born on December 29th
Oh damn, that dude is so hot. He must have been born on December 29th”
by KiwiWasBornOnDecember29th October 18, 2019
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It's December 29th. This day is honoured to your local furries birthday. Wish them a Happy Birthday!
Guess what! Its December 29th.
Time to celebrate your local furries birthday!
Happy Birthday @furry
by Idiwpwheikdbdnzl December 23, 2020
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29th December is the day that the biggest dicks is born so if you're lucky and your partner is born in 29th December take a trip down his pants and see for yourself.
Her:So when is your birthday
Him:29th December and you?
Her:wait did you say 29th December?!
Him:yeah why?
Her:how long is your dick?
Him:wtf almost 8 inches lol.
Her:you're e mine.
by Real facts just so u know October 19, 2019
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