The day right after Christmas, it’s horrible. Hopefully it’s not your day of birth.
I sure would hate for my birthday to be on December 26th.
by Fiji Kwon October 15, 2019
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National say yes to the person who asks you out. If someone asks you out, you have to say yes. No matter what.
Guy: Hey can you go out with me?
Girl: Uhh no.
Guy: Its December 26th...
Girl: Sh**
by Joe mama 19 December 26, 2020
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December 26th is the day that the cutest most bestest person was born
If you were born on December 26th, then you are the most amazing person in the world.
by Jakiepoo23 January 27, 2021
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Me: Hey, I posted cute pics of us

Him: Aww, Thanks :) Love you. Wait what day is it?
Me: It's the 26th December, it's appreciate your boyfriend day!!
by dumb cnt December 25, 2020
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A day where a specific fanbase gets pretty much chaotic over the admin of @Boboiboy . They never know what will happen each year when it comes but there is something going on that'll lead them to a random chaos frenzy , somehow.

It all started with a post featuring a Supra in 2019 and the rest are histories.
" Dear Boboiboy bin Amato ,

* Inserts contexts *

26th December 2020 "
by blonde_brownie December 26, 2020
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