Death can refer to the following.
1. the grim reaper
2. the process in which life ends
3. the process of which somethign changes
1.Death appeared again on Family Guy
2.The criminal was put to death
3.Scientists estimate the sun will come to its death in appoximatly 600 billion years
by that dj guy June 10, 2008
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The naturally holistic remedy for living popularly seen by most people as being a life-changing event not quite being the opposite of life, but very close to it; or, perhaps more relevantly, some strange metaphysical event to do with the even stranger metaphysical event of being born that, as a consequence, cannot possibly be avoided and so is preferably something to be kept at arm’s length as long as possible, or until it is too late to be avoided anyway.
It is not the concept of death per se that is the problem, it is the knowing that one is dead after one is dead, so to speak, either in heaven or hell, or elsewhere, that can really keep you up at night with insomnia, dead or alive.
by Zamboozee March 27, 2011
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Death is a character in Neil Gaiman's highly appreciated graphic novel by the same name.

The character first appeared in Gaiman's series: Sandman.
by Giantbob June 17, 2009
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what Christians are terrified of. therefore, the myth of heaven was born.
when 90 year-old men and women lying on their death bed become a "believer" because of fear of dying. because if your an atheist you're going to hell, of course.
by corii January 31, 2008
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1. The eventual end of a person, the bottom of an arc, the last chapter, the last stand, the loss of life, removal from Earth, the ltimate paradigm shift. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing after it.
oh, here comes Death
hi death
by Braavosi April 30, 2003
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what comes fter being shot , killed, beaten to death etc.....
to the well trianed mind , death is but another great adventure
by nightcrewler-jugganaught August 28, 2003
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Death is beatiful in the fact it takes you from your life. Yet its mysterious, unknown, and no shit deadly. You cant escape it, it will and is coming for you. You could have the best life and death can take you from it, you can speed death up yoursef. either fuckin way everyone dies in the end, were dying every day, minute, and secon. don't waste it.
'your uncle is dead.'
'death finally caught up to the asshole? good.'
'your so kind.'
'fuck you.'
by Death ends it November 26, 2009
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