the beginning...

Also the name of a death metal band from florida. Considered pioneers in death metal.
by Shadow0fDeath June 30, 2004
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It is the end...
"Abadi abadi abadi aba- That's all Folks!" -Porky Pig
Just wait for it...
by Don Juan May 29, 2002
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1. The inevitable end of a living being's life.

2. An American death metal band formed in 1983 by Chuck Schuldiner. They are considered one of the most influential death metal bands of all time, and it is rumored that the term "death metal" came from the band itself, as the band had created a style of metal that was so new and unique. Their debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, is considered the prototypical death metal album.
1. The emo kid bled to death after cutting his wrists. Good riddance.

2. My favorite death metal bands of all time include Death, Cryptopsy, Entombed, and Cannibal Corpse.
by tsman29 February 18, 2008
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Will not call, e-mail, mail or do anything to tell you it is coming (unless you're on death row or something like that). The reason why we need to live our life to the fullest. It will not solve all your problems, but it will definitely end them all regardless of what you did.
Stranger: you know that thing's gonna kill you.
Me : yea
Stranger: then why do it?
Me : do you know when you will die?
Stranger: no
Me : there you go. death will come knocking on your door when your time comes. for the time being, enjoy life!!
by DeKoNa May 23, 2007
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1- its the only truth in our life.
2- its the begining of the another life which is spirtual.
are you feel afraid from death?
sure not,cause i am sure that i will never die,my soul will never die!
what you mean??
i mean that i am going to a more better life than this!
by zedo August 13, 2006
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The cutest little goth girl that ever existed. she is the anthromorphic aspect of death, in other words she is death, not just some guy who administers it. She appeared on the comic book "The Sandman" as the second oldest in a family of seven known as the endless. She is funloving and carefree, although not many are ever happy to see them because of what she is. she lives in a house with a collection of floppy hats and two goldfish. The Ankh she wears around her neck is her sygil and symbol. Of all the endless, she is the only one Morpheus, the main character of the comic book, feels he can honestly talk to. she can be aggressive and reachy when she needs to. a favorite expression of her is "peachy-keen."
Death recently starred in the manga style comic book "At Death's Door."
by Hob Gadling March 26, 2005
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