When the government murders people in jail. It is bad because in the US it is MORE expensive to keep someone on death row and do that whole execution process than just life in prison, many innocent people have been executed and it can't be reversed once they're dead, ect.
Two wrongs don't make a right, man!
Typically done in the US by lethal injection, electric chair, or firing squad.
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
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A barbaric method of punishment still carried out in areas such as the deep south, the midwest, and the middle east.
Thankfully, New England's plunged out of barbarism, so we have no death penalty.
by birdboy2000 July 10, 2004
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1) The only time you get to take a ride in Ol' Sparky on the states dime.

2) An easy way out of life for a criminal.
1) A murderer loves the death penalty, while the victims' family grieves over their loss the killer gets a peaceful free ticket out of life.

2) Family says, "Burn in hell murderer". Murderer say, "Ha Ha suckers you have to live your entire life with the pain and I get to rest in peace." Family say, "Damn, we got screwed"

3) The fetus was sentenced to the death penalty when it's mother aborted it.
by Mr. MD January 22, 2007
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Ah shit Michael I stole this guy's kill now I gotta die!
Michael:well what'd you except?, Death penalty's bro
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by Fortnite suck minecraft good December 14, 2019
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