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A heat seeking missile used to destroy submarines. Usually fired from German Punzers by the "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel.
Sometimes confused with depth charges which also destroy submarines.
The "Desert Fox" used death charges to eliminate British submarines in the Mediterranean.
by piettmiester March 10, 2009
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Similar to a BoilerMaker or an Irish Car Bomb, dropping a shot of whiskey into a beer, preferably Guiness
Thats my 5th death charge tonight, i'm so messed up.
by kwyjibo October 01, 2003
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On a very cushioned surface (preferably a sofa) when someone sits down and slowly gets up while farting into the surface of the cushioned material, so that when the next person sits down it releases the smell.
I totally just death charged that guys chair.
by David Dittles February 27, 2010
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