Death by taking a dump out of a window (mostly not done in a sober state), overall located higher than the second floor, losing balance, and falling down onto the pedestrian walkway.
John: I'm so sorry to hear that Ed died... What happened?
Ed's mom: He died the English death...
John: I guess he couldn't make it to toilet then.
by Ruebenizer September 30, 2013
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when ur name is nik and u have a friend called asli and she doesnt understand that DEATH IS A WORD. at least i don't say canibl
nik: he's tone-death
by DarkEmpire March 29, 2019
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"The question is, can Conor land, what the great Firas Zahabi likes to call, the "touch of death" on the chin of Eddie Alvarez"
by MartyFakeSnoozeman February 20, 2020
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Tower of Death is a bar game. Game is played with 2 or more people. Roll a dice. If designated number is rolled that player picks a beer. Repeat except then it's a coaster, short cocktail, coaster, bomb shot, coaster then shot. Now we go down. Who ever rolls designates number drinks the shot, next roll, removes coaster, drinks bomb shot, removes coaster and so on and so forth unroll we get to whomever rolls the beer dice. Now we stop and when ever the player who rolled that number touches the glass everyone except he or she slamming the beer rolls for the same designated number. Whom ever doesn't roll the number before the beer is slammed has to buy the round or if there's a tie the round is split. If the chugger doesn't finish before everyone rolls the designated number, the chugger buys.
Tower of Death is a bar game gauranteed to make memories!
by Dhickies June 29, 2017
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The act of following Donald Trump's suggestions at the detriment of your health or life. See Darwin Award Winners.
I'm not going to get Trumped to Death through stupidity.
by Can' May 27, 2020
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The vaginal opening in which a baby is pushed out of, or a woman who lays with multiple men and has multiple babies can receive the nickname tunnel of life. But in some cases the baby is not formed and the egg dies, causing blood to flow forth from the opening betwixt the lips of the vagina unless egg had been fertilized.
Dude Tammy almost had sex with me but she was on her period so I backed off.
I would too! I won't touch that tunnel of death!

Hey Ted, make any babies lately?
Hell yes! They be callin that bitch the tunnel of life she be poppin em out like mexicans!

Women are the tunnel of life and death. Just ask their vaginas!
by Hexous1 April 12, 2015
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The White Death is a cocktail made (depending of any factors actually) of half vodka and half Get31.
Better taken in long drink, the peppermint taste fully hid the vodka taste and the final cocktail look like a mint lemonade. Thanks to the toothpaste-like taste, it gives you the illusion of having a good breath and dramatically increase your self confidence. The cocktail can quickly lead at envy, violence and rape.
Olivia: Don't worry Sharon, the key to an ok parent-teacher meeting is taking 4-5 white death before so you dont smell too wasted
by Eliottor August 29, 2017
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