The phrase used to described the numbing sensation that accompanies a 30-slide briefing. Behind all the PowerPoint jokes are serious concerns that the program stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making.
"Last year when a military Web site, Company Command, asked an Army platoon leader in Iraq, Lt. Sam Nuxoll, how he spent most of his time, he responded, “Making PowerPoint slides.” When pressed, he said he was serious."

"Despite such tales, “death by PowerPoint,” the phrase used to described the numbing sensation that accompanies a 30-slide briefing, seems here to stay. The program, which first went on sale in 1987 and was acquired by Microsoft soon afterward, is deeply embedded in a military culture that has come to rely on PowerPoint’s hierarchical ordering of a confused world."

"We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint", Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times, April 26, 2010
by Erik the Belgian URL April 27, 2010
When someone delivers a powerpoint so tediously boring that everyone ends up slouched over their chairs and desks, in a 'dead' fashion
'just got out of a lecture, looks like everyone in there suffered death by powerpoint'
by gafejaokdfpsa December 16, 2009
Overuse of PowerPoint by the U.S. Army in presentations.
Oh my God!! Can you believe Captain Jones gave a PowerPoint presentation on undewater basket-weaving? That was Death by PowerPoint.
by Brain Housing Group June 11, 2010
when some one uses powerpoint and trys to lecture u with it thair for boring u to death
oh no this is gona be a death by powerpoint situation
by boing May 7, 2005
The shocking over use of the new "3D" and Smart-Art features in PowerPoint 2007 to make a dull presentation look 'great'. Although the author might love it, the audience will have hurty eyes from all the ugly shiny effects and bright colors.
Joe: I had to go watch the new presentation on health and safety today

Bob: How was it?

Joe: OMG, it was Death by PowerPoint 2007. It had so much Smart-Art in it that I needed to put my shades on.
by pete8314 February 17, 2009