An anime/manga series set a few years after a severe earthquake in Japan. A floating man in a red suit comes into a high school classroom and kills all the students except for one, Ganta Igarashi. Ganta is accused of murdering all his classmates and sent to an amusement park-like prison called Deadman Wonderland, aka the most twisted prison in the world. Prisoners are forced to battle each other on live TV, have body parts removed, etc. While at the prison, Ganta discovers his "Branch of Sin," the ability to manipulate his own blood. As he learns more about this ability, he starts to realize he may finally break free, and get revenge on the Red Man that murdered his friends.
Person 1: "Have you seen Deadman Wonderland?"
Person 2: "Yes! It's so awesome and intense! I feel so bad for poor Ganta though!"
by AnimeRat September 17, 2013
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