An amazing and caring family with a heart of gold
This family is such a De Santiago family .
by De Santiago February 23, 2017
A 2 foot tall Mexican child who gets hit up in the DM's a lot, but is still a virgin and too awkward to actually make a move. Typically they are insecure about their penis size and get scared when girls ask for dick pics.
I met an Adrain De Santiago yesterday, he was cute and all, but he was super awkward.
by Evade March 6, 2018
A moron who doesn’t know the real definition of “Jarhead
Joel De Santiago is a moron who doesn’t know the real definition of “Jarhead
by zapdotshimmy September 11, 2018
Literally: Santiago of Chile

The capital of the South American country of Chile which is divided into eleven communes including Los Condes, San Bernardo, El Bosque, and San Miguel.
Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile
by SVelasquez December 3, 2007