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dawson bleek where it snows for 8 months of the year. home of the peace river un northern bc
dawson creek (bleek) home of the schitzophernic society where

horny house wifes are cheating, with husband's friends, and cousins of the same family it is also the

home of disabled children being put up for adoption, and given to priests who preach about not having sex, to young unwed pregnant teenage girls, which most of them are native girls, yet dawson bleek is

the frozen hole of the earth, where lingerie consists of tube socks, long johns and flanel pajamas, and even in minus 40 below and drunk you still walk to robin's donuts for coffee with friends and don't come home til at least 11 in the morning, because partying at the bar does'nt end at 2 am, like it does in the city, because dawson bleek's red necks know how to party unlike wimpy city folk, the bar closes at 4am, then you go to a bootlegger and pick up a flat of beer, and head to a kegger where everyone stumbles home stoned and sloshed just before noon. so if you ever decide to visit this place in the middle of no where expect to find, drunk, cheap girls, crazy people off their medications running around town, while red neck men drive around in their trucks trying to pick up women with lame ass lines like hey baby wanna screw, while they smile with half their teeth missing, and mispronoucing the words cause they are too stoned on e. so welcome to dawson bleek a place where there is always someone to talk about.

by daisy_69 June 24, 2006
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