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It was the first day of school and David was not happy but his mom was like "go to fucking school david or I will beat you" so he did he was thinking about his friends at old school he said to his self "i will become king of school and if any and I mean any one i will kill them" all the people look at him and he looked back but David did not see the cop running at him he look back and run as fast as could. He run in to a ally way wich went to the hood wich his was there. It was a shady place then some kids jump him they where black David did not like black people he said "you fucking niggers go back to your home land" they said" diss nigga dont like nigga lets kill him" the cops got the other kids off David. a other kid came up to David and said "the name is Eldon dont worry about the school gane" David said " my name is David nice to meet you " David wanted to kill the kids who jumped him david said to Eldon about his plan to kill the the kid to that jumped him. Eldon said to David that he like to kill cats in his free time that he has been wanting been wanting to kill the school gane too so David joined Eldon"s gane the bell rings David finds what class he is in david is in the 8th grade this year. David was in the same classroom as the the school gane but he got eldon in there to school was boring he went home at 3:15. on the walk home David look at the a kid it was from the gane David got a rock and

the end of part 1
you are a david fanfiction part 1
by willin1234 YT January 17, 2018
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