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A YouTube troll who claims to be mormon and leaves video responses trying to "convert" others to become mormon. She pretends to be sexy which she is definitially not and also seems to be high in a lot of her videos.
"Did you look at this video response to Jenna Marbles latest video?"
"Yeah. Why did this wierd mormon girl make a video response."
"daughterofgodinzion is just a troll."
by BlueEyeliner September 30, 2011
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A whimsical YouTube personality who hoots for Jesus in a playful (some would, I suppose, say trollish) way and invites us to become voyeurs in her part beauty parlour, part insane asylum.
I love the way daughterofgodinzion smiles.

I wonder if daughterofgodinzion will address my request to talk about the music of Oren Lavie?
by Pots and Owls November 30, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!