word used by dealers or customers wen talkin about a quater (7 grams) of a variety of drugs puff,coke etc.
yes G, scott wants a daughter, that cool?
by big Ess May 23, 2005
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The child that fathers don't know much about so they ignore them, the child that mothers push away and alienate, even though that child is probably gonna be the one to actually go to school and finish college while their brothers knock up every girl up and drop out of school to sell drugs.
Contrary to popular belief, a daughter is not any harder to raise than a son.
by LucyLi December 08, 2004
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What disappoints fathers more than anything else. These kinds of people tend to date guys that are assholes, and dress like the village whore to get attention.
Father: Hey daughter, why are you dressed in short jean shorts, leather boots, and a buttoned open vest with a few pounds of makeup and lipstick on?

Daugher: Oh, I'm off to see Rocco, my boyfriend who treats me like shit.
by PrinceKelso September 11, 2010
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The female servant for the adults who are raising her.
How do you keep your house so clean?
My daughter does a pretty good job.
by Arimmus March 05, 2015
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Quite possibly the worst band in existence. Many hardcore fans pretend to enjoy their music, citing them as "experimental," "abstract," and "amazing." Many believe that because they do not sound like any other band it automatically means their music is good.
You'll get a ton of Live Journal community credibility if you mention the band Daughters.
by roo January 04, 2005
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