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What happened when, in a galaxy far far away, the star wars kid finally plucked up the courage to ask out Princess Leyla after years of recovering from the humiliation of being an internet comedy meme and she not only turns him down, but informs him she is not Princess Leyla, but an out of work model who just does the star wars conventions to make money for her law degree. Then, to rub salt into injury, she only dates jocks and especially not internet comedy memes. He vowed off women forever and sought out Jean-Michel Rheault, the villain who so assulted his jedi honor by digitizing the star wars kid tape for the internet to take gay vengeance upon his pert backside.... but things did not gay as planned...
Star Wars Kid: "Hey Luke, I am your father. No that's not it. Hey Rheault, I AM YOUR DADDY. Now pull down those panties and get ready to RECEIVE MY LIGHTSABER!"

Rheault: "Oh shit, it was just a joke. I never knew you'd turn to the dark side DARTH GAYDAR. I'm sorry that you'll never get laid, but this is an exit only path young jedi. Why don't I hire you a hoe and you lose your virginity that way. I can video you again, Star Wars Kid loses virginity! Imagine how many hits that will get! Wow, we can do a whole series of these things with other ungainly chubby star wars fans..."

Star Wars Kid: "Argh... NO..." *runs*

Rheault: "Hey kid! Come back here, the cameras not rolling yet..."
by CockBoss O'WhopperWeiner November 07, 2008
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