Darkness is just Dark and empty for eternity with such emptyness..
Gosh it is DARK in here, can you turn the light on please, awwww! don't give me the BOOty.
Better give it some Brightness before it becomes too dark in that booty!!!
The Darkness inside your booty never cease to impress me!
by x2v12 May 15, 2016
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noun - a name of dear friend who visits often for discussion, especially within the sound of silence
Hello darkness , my old friend, I've come to talk with you again, because a vision softly creeping, left it's seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain stills remains within the sound of silence. - Simon & Garfunkel
by FearTheMattman May 03, 2018
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darkness was a man, he was a chicken-man, he was just a chicken, but he was still darkness
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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a person on the marshy discord server that is mod
man darkness do be kinda cool doe
by MarshyDictionari December 04, 2020
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