Someone who moves fast as a plug being chase by the opps
bruh, you gotta master darkness if you wanna keep up with me
by Dexz December 25, 2018
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The experience one has when eradicating a room of all luminous objects whilst remaining still and silent with eyes closed, listening to the aural infection of M83. Usually accompanied by wine from a box.
This place is dead, let's go back to mine for some Darkness.

I can't believe how good that mid-Darkness manwich was last night!
by geesee March 21, 2007
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kyle mahoney or go to youtube and search darkness a kyle mahoney story. and you may get the picture
i am darkness bitch
by the origional darkness February 03, 2010
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1. Someone who is dark as hell and denies the abscence of light on their skin.
2. A person who talks a gang of shit when in reality they ain't shit
3. A dark ass person who joins fraternities to deny their skin color
4. Person who smokes weed and now thinks they're allergic to ass whoopings
1. Darkness (a.k.a. Omar) skin don't let light escape
2. Darkness (a.k.a. Omar) running his fucken mouth again
3. I think Darkness (a.k.a. Omar) want to be white, he joined some gay frat
4. Darkness (a.k.a. Omar) sneezing 'cause he's about to get his ass stomped on
by 220 June 05, 2007
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