It has no limit, if you say it does then you a bitch.
Emily - “I like dark humor but this is too far”
Any normal human - “Shut up bitch
by Osama Bin Chillin August 06, 2020
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Dark humor is when you make a joke about YOUR OWN trama.
Dark humor is when you make a joke about YOUR OWN trama.

u don’t need that explained 🤠
by Incel😼 July 14, 2020
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Humor that's supposed to be out of the ordinary because some people find normal jokes boring.
Example of Dark Humor
Me: My heroes are the people who killed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Friend: Who are they?
Me: They're the kids who shot up Columbine High School.
Friend: Who the hell would shoot up their school? Only a monster would do that.
Me: That's why that the people who killed them are my heroes.
Friend: Ok makes sense.
10 Minutes later.
Friend: Wait a second.
by A4775 October 27, 2020
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Humor that is viewed as dark, morbid, cruel, offensive to some, and or graphic in nature and is yet, still found funny. It submerges into unpleasant endeavors and emerges with a funny story found humorous to the masses.

Verbally describing a horrible incident in graphic, long winded detail can be found funny in itself. Or describing something that is seen as disgusting to most could be funny as well.

One comic known for such a thing as dark humor would be famous Bill Hicks who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1994. Over half of his jokes and satiric descriptions could be taken as dark humor, and some of the funniest and most quoted jokes of all time.

Another would be George Carlin, the master of satiric rants.
A man kneels tremulously to the asphalt in the middle of a bridge connecting two major interstates to each other. He breathes slowly and his mind races vigorously as his heart began to beat with anxiety. He raises the handgun to the right side of his temple as dozens of bystanders gasp in horror. He hesitates, thinking of that morsel of a possibility that perhaps the angle of the gun relevant to his skull would not be the exact mathematical trick of successfully firing the bullet in the effective trajectory to demolish his brain in the correct matter in order to achieve death as quickly as possible. If these aspects were not met then he could end up being a half head having freak, or a vegetable for that matter. After repositioning the .45 caliber semi automatic handgun to the inside of his mouth he comes to the same shaky conclusion that it still might not work. He fidgets the end of the gun awkwardly to point at the top of his scalp. Again, the same conclusion. Finally he screams out, "I just can't do this!" and throws the gun to the asphalt haphazardly, not thinking of the possibility of the gun going off once it hit the ground like the cliché one would see in a movie. The gun unfortunately does and the bullet strikes him in the foot, penetrating through his toes and out the other side through his boot. He yelps like a puppy and falls to the road, cradling his foot in pain. "This just isn't my day."
(If you found that funny, you can consider it dark humor.)
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Something british people claim they have as an excuse when they make fun of children dying. Then accuse people of being oversensitive to their joke even though they responded like a child to something miniscule.
American person: it's funny how british people call fries chips!
British person: Oh yeah? At least my kids arent going to die in a school shooting!

American person: Hey that's going far isn't it?
British person: pft look at this oversensitive American! Cant you see we just have dark humor. We're angry for you that's why I'm joking about the death of kids!
American person: all I said was Chip was a funny word for fries.
by URDamnrightiam April 28, 2020
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Dark Humor is when you make fun of your OWN trauma. If you have been raped, you can make rape jokes. If you are LGBTQ+ you can say the f slur and say people are sus. If you are autistic you can say the r slur. If you are black you can say the n slur and say slave jokes, etc. You cannot be racist against minorities, and this word shouldn't be used to justify you being an asshole babes <3
"Imagine not having a dad how embarrassing"

"that is fucked up"

"oh no it's actually dark humor i'm making fun of my own trauma"
by Franceli V. September 12, 2020
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