Dark humor is joking about you or someone's trauma but still keeping it funny. It's not direct bullying. Dark humor is NOT directly bullying a specific group/race of people and calling it dark humor as an excuse.
Jake: “I could kick an orphan. What's it gonna do? Call its parents?”
Thomas: “Hahahahahahahahahah! Funny dark humor joke, Jake!"
by mooptiedoop August 27, 2020
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Something that FN twitter doesn’t get.
remy: hey this account is dark humor only
person: ok
remy *actually posts dark humor*
person: that’s offensive you’re canceled <3
by waitwhatthe August 3, 2020
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Humor that's supposed to be out of the ordinary because some people find normal jokes boring.
Example of Dark Humor
Me: My heroes are the people who killed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Friend: Who are they?
Me: They're the kids who shot up Columbine High School.
Friend: Who the hell would shoot up their school? Only a monster would do that.
Me: That's why that the people who killed them are my heroes.
Friend: Ok makes sense.
10 Minutes later.
Friend: Wait a second.
by A4775 October 28, 2020
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It has no limit, if you say it does then you a bitch.
Emily - “I like dark humor but this is too far”
Any normal human - “Shut up bitch
by Osama Bin Chillin August 6, 2020
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Dark humor is when you make a joke about YOUR OWN trama.
Dark humor is when you make a joke about YOUR OWN trama.

u don’t need that explained 🤠
by Incel😼 July 15, 2020
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Something british people claim they have as an excuse when they make fun of children dying. Then accuse people of being oversensitive to their joke even though they responded like a child to something miniscule.
American person: it's funny how british people call fries chips!
British person: Oh yeah? At least my kids arent going to die in a school shooting!

American person: Hey that's going far isn't it?
British person: pft look at this oversensitive American! Cant you see we just have dark humor. We're angry for you that's why I'm joking about the death of kids!
American person: all I said was Chip was a funny word for fries.
by URDamnrightiam April 28, 2020
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