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A Danville Girl is like a stereotypical white girl, but worse. The typical danville girl lives on Starbucks, Vitality Bowl, and Cream, and is rarely found wearing any other clothing brand besides Lulu Lemon leggings, Brandy Melville, uggs, and Converse High Tops. They usually wake up at 6 am every morning to flat iron the absolute shit out of their hair and put on way too much eyeliner for school, even though they say they slept in and woke up at 7:10 and almost missed their bus for the illusion that they look that way naturally. After school every day, they can be seen in a large group, often times wearing matching skirts, taking a photo on their white iPhones. Danville Girls are the type of girls that can make even a Camelback waterbottle mainstream. Danville Girls try to flaunt their virtually non-existent boobs, and think every guy they talk to wants to date them. They think they are hipsters, and are all wannabe tumblr girls. They frequently throw parties whenever they get a new 100 followers on Instagram. Danville Girls only travel in large heards, much like zombies, and they will appear lost if they are ever alone. When they sneeze, they scream to attract as much attention to themselves as possible. They are, for lack of a better word, attention whores. If you ever find yourself in the wake of a Danville Girl, either run, or give her a starbucks giftcard as a peace offering.
Macey: Oh no! I'm surrounded by Danville Girls!
Olivia: Drop your frappuccino and run!
by Marilyn 5SOS September 30, 2013
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