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Definition: Fictional and unattainable currency

Vanishingly rare (possibly mythical) currency invented by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to pay Junior Doctors in England for their extra (but enforced) on-call work in lieu of real money.

Hunt famously let slip the existence of the near-fictional payments during a morning television interview where he appeared bewildered and unable to do even basic mathematics at 0715.

This lead to thousands of Junior Doctors attempting to supplement their soon-to-be-decimated salaries and lay claim to some of this so-called Danger Money. Their justifications took the form of a Twitter and Facebook campaign where claimants used the hashtag #dangermoney alongside a reason they felt they deserved some.

Economists estimate that if all the valid claims for Danger Money were paid out (even prospectively) the Treasury would be bankrupt before the week was out.
Danger Money : Fictional and unattainable currency

1) Accidentally calling a midwife 'nurse' #dangermoney
2) Handing the Rota coordinator an annual leave form 5wks 6days in advance #dangermoney
3) Guessing the renal function on a CT Request form #dangermoney
by Dr Sandman December 30, 2015
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An hip hop artist that was raised in Atlanta’s Carver Village neighborhood in patrol zone Zone 3.
Wow , Did you know we missed Danger Money Show last week.
by 1426money March 11, 2018
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