An all-round awesome guy/girl. They are always kind, considerate and willing to help.
That guy is a real Dames.
by Asgier May 30, 2013
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A man from Denmark who is very popular in the western regions of the United States.

And has his very own enclave in the north easter region of Mississippi.
by Bass pro shop September 02, 2020
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A short, fat troll who always cries for no reason.
The music industry is being ruined by Dames like Lars Ulrich and Fred Durst.
by Plushtar February 17, 2004
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an expression of dismay, akin to "damn it".
dames, i didn't know he had the shotgun...
by [Q] December 24, 2009
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A skank, normally of the country type. Often comes from a low class part of town. Easily fucked by anything with 2-4 legs.
Look at that dame, I bet my dog got action from her
by High Roller April 07, 2003
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