-"did you see them DALLAS MAVERICKS make the Heat and all their fans look like weak ass bitches the other day.. "

"Yea, bro.. they killed it."
by 214 holla dtown July 5, 2011
A team that uses over-the-top excuses when they lose the 2006 NBA finals.

See Also Seattle Seahawks

"it's a conspiracy against the dallas mavericks"
"marc stein hates the mav's and team owner cuban"
"the refs want the heat to win because they put money on them"
by anthony111111 June 21, 2006
An NBA team that chokes every time they get close to big win, like the division title or most recently the NBA finals.
The Dallas Mavericks choked during the finals just like Dirk choked on Cuban's small dick the night before the game.
by myroommateiscrazy June 21, 2006
One of the best teams in the NBA. Also have the deepest bench of any team.
The Dallas Mavericks are the shit.
by evilkneville March 16, 2006
Also see "Choke".

A team that can't work past some bad calls and kick some ass.
Damn, the Dallas Mavericks played great ball up until Game 2 of the Finals, and they choked. Wassup?!
by Gabe Sanchez July 5, 2006
Of the genus fagi typically found having large gay orgies, making reproduction a mystery. This species tends to reside in Texas, but have migrated as far as Canada.
Did you see Andrew go in the back room with Michael and Dylan last night. He he's a typical Dallas Mavericks fan
by Dallassucks May 19, 2016