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a gay person who likes to look at girls boobs because there are either huge or just entertaining.

dairy because milk comes out of a girls boob when they have a baby and fairy because its a gay guy.
in honor of cooper
person 1" what are you looking at?"
person 2" her big boobs"
person 1"but your gay"
person 2" so?"
person 1" your a dairy fairy"
by miss violet October 24, 2006
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A young gay man involved with dairy promotion, usually the cohort of a dairy princess, state or county level. He helps her with her tiara and hands out the cheese while listening to Elton John and Cher.
Who's that well dressed guy giving out cheese with the dairy princess??

Oh, that's her Dairy Fairy.
by dirtycommiepinko December 13, 2009
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