the weirdly attractive belly that hot dad's develop after becoming dad's.
Look at that flab, hanging over his belt, what a daddy belly!

Jonny Greenwood is the king of the daddy bellies.
by stevemackeyfanclub March 23, 2011
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The juggernaut of creeping midsection mass responsible for male waistline transformation from the taught, muscular 6-pack of adolescence into the pregnant, beer-gut of middle-age; fueled by complacency, physical stagnation and marriage imposed near-celibacy.
Yes, as the cultural signature of both simultaneous success and failure, the fat daddy belly signifies a high degree of financial and social achievement--while at the same time heralding irredeemable physical decline and defeat of sexual prowess...look in the mirror. You've arrived, it's over...
by YAWA July 09, 2017
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