Jeans that are no longer fashionable and are usually characterized by a tapered leg, high waist or brand name that was cool about ten years ago. Dad jeans are typically worn by aging men with salt and pepper hair who are in denial that they are no longer hip, have children and drive a station wagon or SUV.
I felt so old last night at the friend Brian's dad jeans were like woman repellent!
by Minkman March 25, 2008
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Any pair of men's jeans that are not *skin fucking tight*, which makes getting into and out of them feel less like rubber gloves, and more like clothing. Regular (non- dad jeans) tend to accentuate the bulge and cause chafing.
My balls are chafed. I need some dad jeans.
by Sticknit2ya February 9, 2017
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Jeans with a relaxed fit, pockets high on the butt, worn by dads to embarrass you.
Oh my god, can you believe Joe is wearing those fugly dad jeans?!
by piranha84 February 10, 2016
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A phenomenon in which all dads wear there same acid wash jeans from the 80's-early 00's. No mothers wear the mom jean anymore, they only wear sweatpants, hence the dad jean. All jeans must all be must be atleast 5 years old.
Person 1 (Talking to her husband/boyfriend): Honey, you have to get some new jeans, they're looking pretty worn!

Person 2: No they're not, they look perfectly fine!

Person 1: No, they look to old now, they've turned into the dad jeans.
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