Da Hui started in 1976 when Eddie Rothman and Squiddy along with Perry Dane and other "Braddahs" were tired of the Haoles from the mainland and Australia coming to the Islands taking all the ways and Disrespecting the locals. The first time people ever saw Da Hui or back then they were called "Da Black Shorts" in full enforcement was during a surf contest which was held by Fred hemmings in 1976. Eddie Rothman and his Crew paddled out during the second heat ( a contest of which they were not in)They caught waves and and were surfing as if there was no contest. Fred Hemmings was so angry that he told some local guys to paddle out to stop them. The local boys replyed "Fuck you Haole you know who they are?" Fred had no idea who these guys were and he because of his ingnorance said "no who are they?" the local boys replyed again and said "Brah, that's Da Hui and nobody messes with them" Now there is a reason why Eddie Rothman and his Crew paddled out that day, and it was not an act of being a badass or getting in the mags, No.The reason was they were tired of all the political bullshit surfing contests had. Alot of mainland and some australian sponsers would hold surf contest and not even once have one Hawaiian in the contest. It was a powerful point they made that day. Thus from then on Da Hui has been respected all over the islands and is in charge of all water safty for surf contest on the North Shore of Oahu and they help and sponser alot of beach and ocean clean ups all over the world... So here's some words of wisdom from a Memeber of Da Hui. " Treat Da Hui them with Respect and let them have there share of waves IN OUR OWN LAND, Either be nice or Get Bus Up" (beat up)...Aloha
Da Hui, in hawaiian Hui means (group or club) Da hui is a well respected group of surfers..
by Makana January 13, 2005
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..from an interview with Noodles from The Offspring (in RALPH feb 04 australia):
"The Da Hui are Hawaiian locals who set up in the '70s as a reaction to the tourists who were going there and weren't respectful of the culture and the surf breaks. If you go there and drop in on them in the surf they'll beat the crap out of you."
I won't fuck with Da Hui
Because Da Hui will fuck with me
by ok January 28, 2004
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a group of "locals" in hawaii dedicated to promoting respect and equality in the lineup. if da hui doesn't regulate the lineup no one will. if someone doesn't understand that da hui is strict but fair then that person shouldn't be in the water in the first place.

e malama i ke kai a e malama ana ke kai ia 'oe! e hawai'i au mau a mau. mai poina i ka wa kahiko.
da hui no ka 'oi...mai poina!
by lilinoe January 01, 2006
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A bunch of pussies who will jump you because they are not man enough to face you one on one. They are nothing when they are not in numbers... PUSSIES
i took a da hui the other day, and flushed it down the toilet
by WVSLYR January 12, 2012
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a company originated by a fat redneck texan who moved to Hawaii a while back. the owner capitilizes off the real locals while he secretly fucks them from the behind. watch out for this true assmaster.
Dude, bra da suf is upp bra, who need inglish when da hui have assmaster
by da pigeon eat fecal January 11, 2005
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a family(ohana) of Hard Core Surf Punks who will KICK YOUR ASS and bury you in a cane field if you fuck with them or any one of their relatives. They are from the North Shore of Oahu aka "The Black Shorts"
dont ever mess with da hui man they will string you up by your macadamia nuts.
by KAWIKA February 11, 2004
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