Someone who is awesome, funny, intelligent, weird, random, amazing, constantly makes puns, well known throughout a social area (I.e. a school) by this name, must have the name Tom, or Thomas. This person always makes themselves known to others by this name. Meeting Tom Da Bomb leads to explosive results.
That Tom is da bomb.

Tom, da bomb.

Tom da bomb! How's it going man!

Hey, you know Tom Da Bomb yet?
by Tombus Da Bombus January 20, 2012
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Originated From Ur Mom Gay, Ur Granny A Tranny, Ur Sister A Mister. But This Is More Deadly, This Word Compliments Your Moms Vagina And How Bomb Her Pussy Was, Beware If A Ten Year Old Minecraft Virgin Says This To You As You Will Die And Descend To Hell.
Matt: Ur Mom Gay lol
Minecraft Virgin: No U
Matt: Ur Granny A Tranny
Minecraft Virgin; ur Mom Da Bomb
Matt * Descends Into Hell And Is Raped By Ten Year Old Minecraft Youtubers
by MichaelIsAFuckingFag April 5, 2018
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This was made up in my school with me and three other guys.
It was named after one of the losers in our school. What it is,is that you shit, piss, and jizz with your friends in this smoothie maker and mix it all up. Put it in two cups.Then you set those cups by the face of a person who is laying on the ground blind folded tied up of the hands and feet. Hopefully they will rollover to one those cups and it spills all over his or her face
Let us say you're at a party and you're basically wasted and you just want to get some pussy. But this fuckface says no fucking allowed in his crib. So you get bunch of your friends and blindfold him, tie him to the ground, and put da BOMB Final Answer right by his face and when he rolls over it hits him or her in the face.
by yourmama23 March 16, 2010
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The ultimate argument ending comeback on Roblox. Those hit by this will instantly explode.
xx_360n0sc0pe_xx : ur mum gay lmao
p$ss4munch3r5000 : no u

xx_360n0sc0pe_xx : ur granny tranny
p$ss4munch3r5000 : well guess what
xx_360n0sc0pe_xx : what
p$ss4munch3r5000 : your mom is not da bomb
xx_360n0sc0pe_xx : *combusts into giant flames and explodes*
by PlebGuy101 March 29, 2018
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