replacment for a curse
homer simson always says do'h when hes mad
by poop December 14, 2003
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Acronym for "Delayed Onset of a Hangover"
Tom drank from 4pm to 6am. He then attended class the next morning. Around 2pm that day, Tom began feeling sick to his stomach. What he was experience was DOH.
by dgizzy April 06, 2007
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Homer's loudest D'OH was inside the WTC towers!

by 1_WTC_Lock June 06, 2004
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A deer, a female deer, Ray etc etc
"Get down offen yer milk and drink yer horse" (said in a Dick van Dyke impersonates John Wayne as a Cockney Sparrer)
by poodlewrestler July 08, 2003
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