when its so cold outside, your nipples dont just cut glass, they cut diamonds
Dude 1:damn dude its like 20 below out here.

Dude 2:i know im cutting diamonds
by lucas bermejo May 22, 2007
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when you can see a woman's nipples through her shirt
tom : "Dude look at jenna!"
fred: "why?"
tom she is totally cutting diamonds."
by sammyjean December 9, 2010
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Snowboarding. Peep game: diamonds are ice, so ice is diamonds. Thus, when you're out carving up the slopes, you're diamond cutting.
I'm a biracial snowboarder, so when I'm up at Mammoth doing my thing like Shaun Half-White, I'm diamond cutting. Act like you know.
by sawgee rawkwell, III April 14, 2009
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To have sex with someone thought to be out of your league; to hook up with someone universally attractive. Similarly, "cut a diamond," "cut her diamond," "diamond cut," etc.
"I was diamond cutting the whole time I was at the Bunny Ranch"
by Writer 56 November 30, 2007
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1) when someone is at peak physical condition and is as pleasing to the eye to look at as the cut of a rare diamond
2) a fine physical specimen
3) certified dime piece
Aye brah, this girl is cut like a diamond!

Person 1: "Hey, did you see that guy? He's all muscles!"
Person 2: "Yeah, he was cut like a diamond!

Person 1: "You working out today?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I'm trying to get cut like a diamond."

Rihanna is to "shine bright like a diamond" as Terry Crews is to "cut like a diamond."
by boomstrat May 17, 2013
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nipples so sharp, they can cut diamonds. Diamonds, as you all know, have a strong covalent bond between its atoms, therefore making it one of the hardest things on earth. However, not even diamonds can withstand the magnitude of greatness in these nipples.
Person1: oh man, it sure is cold.
Person2: my nipples are so cold due to the low temperature, they are like diamond cutting nipples.
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