I think that some people cut themselves because they feel that they have nothing else better to do. Some people may call them attention cutters because they talk about it with their friends. Some peoples friends are concerned and try to help them out. These people may cut themselves just because they want to know what it is like because you see it all the time on television. Some people cut and don't try to hide it but I don't think it makes these people attention cutters.
Susie was a cutter, but she's okay now and I really respect her for getting through it and not hiding it from us anymore.
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A cutter is someone who thinks the only way to appear interesting is to cut his or her own wrists. They are usually people who exaggerate the difficulty of their lives. Really they just need to get a grip.

See Attention Whore
Jack: No one understands me! *cry*
Jill: That sucks. Maybe you should be a cutter like the rest of the failures.
Jack: /wrists.
by Shimadikkin September 21, 2008
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A slang term for a nice ass. The word derives from the term "turd cutter." Cutter was formed as a more discrete form of turd cutter to prevent being caught while complimenting a girl's ass.
Damn, that's a nice cutter
by slo85 August 28, 2006
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A cutter is an individual usually a teenager, who uses the repeated slices of their skin with sharp objects as a supposed release from their inner anguish. In truth, these individuals are simply too stupid to know they could just as easily get mental care from a licensed pyschiatrist instead of permanently scarring themselves and adding to their self loath and low self esteem. If you know a cutter, do the right thing, tell a responsible caregiver who can help them, the scars that a cutter leaves upon themselves are simply cries for help.
Tara was so devestated by David dumping her that she retreated back to her cutter habits.
by Jamie Moorhouse April 02, 2008
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a pathetic way to get attention or take pain from within and make it into real pain. person who doesnt realize what they've got and cuts, even thought they might as well just cut deeper to actually make it worth something.
cutters are people who are pathetic && need attention.
by NicoleWishes July 23, 2006
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Usualy a teenage girl who feels she has so much emotional pain, that she literaly takes a knife to her arm. Cutting is lame and retarded and practised by emo's and pseudo-goths alike, but then there are girls who are "popular", but they say they are so tormented on the inside that they go home and cut their arm. this act of self mutilation is meaningless and anyone who cuts should be removed from all sharp objects and get a good punch in the nose.
watch the badly made/wrttien/acted movie "Thirteen" for a good example.
emilys a cutter. she has it all, friends, money, and a nice boyfriends.... oh? whats that you say? yea i agree, why the fuck is SHE cutting?!.... freakin retard.
by Jim October 01, 2005
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