someone in a parking lot who walks down a row of cars making you think he is heading to his car but then cuts through to a different row of cars
we were looking for a parking spot and followed him slowly as he walked down the row to his car when all of a sudden he went between two parked cars and into the next row of parked cars where someone else got his space. we were so annoyed! we put down the window and yelled "CUTTER!"
by nancy coleman and molly February 20, 2008
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1. a person who has emotional difficulties
2. need a way to express their emotions
3. can not deal with the world ergo they cut themselves to escape from reality
i'm a cutter because i hate society these days
by crazymusicdudette January 01, 2009
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A cutter is someone who can't deal with the stress that is going on in their lives. Focusing on the pain of the cut is taking the mind temporarily off the problem.
I was a cutter twelve years ago and once I removed myself from the stressful situation I stopped. Now, twelve years later I started doing it again by being in a toxic relationship. I completely forgot that I had done this but as soon as I could not handle the anxiety, feeling completely out of control, it was the first thing I turned to do to relieve it.
by milesfromnowhere September 02, 2010
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1. A derogatory term for people in the midwest United States (particularly Indiana) that work in stone quarries, and their families. More generally, derogatory for 'blue collar' or 'working class'.

2. A person that practices self-mutilation in the form of cutting themselves with sharp objects. This is most often done on the forearms and thighs, and is generally considered a symptom of mental illness.
1. "Why would you want to hang out with a bunch of cutters?"

2. "I have heard that so-and-so is a cutter, and that's why she always wears long sleeves".
by eighten August 26, 2006
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Cutters are mainly people who want to cut themselves for attention and some cut themselves for marking a certain day.
Some dude: Did you see that emo fag?
Me: yeah, man, that guy does everything for attention. tool."

Some dude: Did you know he cut himself because a lot of things went wrong for him that day?
Me: yeah. he's a cutters
by Pouya Arshadi December 12, 2006
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The meaning of the name Cutter is Gem Cutter

The origin of the name Cutter is English

A human being who surpasses all with his adorable butt, pretty eyes and wonderful personality.

A man who is ambitious, spontaneous, highly intelligent, an abstract thinker and a great lover.

An amazing friend who is always there for you. He's crazy, exciting, and never fails to make you smile. Most of all, he's a great person.

a man who's amazing in bed, great hair, and a smile that makes you melt. he's amazing all around.
"That Cutter is Hot!"

"I would give anything to be with Cutter"
by THEONLYONEWHOCOUNTS February 03, 2010
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