People who deal with emotional loss/pain differently than you.
NOT someone who wants to commit suicide or wants to die.
Cutting has nothing to do with being emo.

Cutters are ussually judged too quickly.
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Okay, briefly, cutting is a coping mechanism, though not necessarily a good one. I do not condone the use of cutting to solve problems despite my own history with it. Mary of Nazareth your arm was inspiring, it the way mine would if I hadn't given my knife away.
Cutters do not often want attention and if you have a friend who does cut for attention, beat the shit out of them because it can become addictive. Medically cutting releases endorphins making a person feel better and certain cutters enjoy the sight (and personally taste) of their own blood. Cutters often cover up their cuts with anything from long sleeve shirts to shea butter to reduce scarring.

Cutters use, but are not limited to (don't underestimate a person's ingeniunitey when they need to satisfy a craving): razor blades, exacto knives, scissors, jack knifes, switch blades,.. saws of various types, and glass.

If you know someone who is a cutter, well don't follow any set advice, your friend may not be suicidal at all, in fact they likely aren't. For those of you who have addicted friends trying to quit, watch them closely because they usually have the incredibly strong urge to make extreme lacerations. Personally, as a cutter trying to quit my withdrawal often leads me to wanting to use suicide grade cuts.

Cutters are not all emo fuck ups, we're normal people too, and some of the nicer ones at that.
I gave my knife away to a friend leaving me with 9 exacto knife blades, a few saws and an array of kitchen knives with which I may cut myself. Cutters use cutting as an escape mechanism
by Scarred and Addicted April 22, 2007
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A person, most commonly a girl in their teens, who has been through so much in their lives that crying (or sometimes they just can't cry)or any other form of emotional release becomes inefficient, therefore they resort to self-injury (aka self-mutilation, self-harm), but not intended to be a form of suicide. Self-injury is usually a sign of a serious mental disorder such as depression or bipolar, and caused from traumatic events such as death, sexual or verbal abuse, or low self-esteem.

Usually, proof of this behavior is well-hidden by wearing long sleeves and pants. Most self-injurers do not advertise their injuries. There is a such thing as 'attention cutters', or people who injure themselves just so others will feel sorry for them. Attention cutters usually purposely talk about their actions and make it seem almost like something they're proud of.

Cutters are often given the label of emo or goth, only because people are too ignorant to see that these people actually have pretty messed up lives. These stereotypes usually push these kids to want to hurt themselves more severely, thus those who have such narrow-minded views on cutters should shut their mouths and care about their own sorry lives.
"I hear she used to be a cutter, but since her family intervened, she's been to a counselor and is now on anti-depressants."

Stereotyped View: "Look at her over there, you can just tell she's a cutter because she has no friends and listens to emo music and wears black makeup."
by ximafake February 12, 2006
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Cutting is a way of releasing anger, sadness, or other feelings by inflicting pain on oneself. A cutter usually will slash at their arms, wrists, stomachs, and other body parts in an effort to draw blood. Sometimes, cutters will attack parts of their body they dislike (i cut my face several times). Contrary to common belief, a cutter is not always emo/goth. I used to be a cutter myself until a few months ago, and I am not in any way emo or goth. I listen to rap and play sports all year (emos listen to rock/metal and skate). A cutter will usually try to hide their scars with long sleeved clothing and cover-up, but this is not always effective. Cutters are not always suicidal, this is often a misconception. Sometimes normal people will cut as a result of the death of a friend or a breakup, but this is uncommon.
If you know any cutters, try to talk to them about how they feel, you could save a life.
by i a n g July 14, 2008
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Cutters are often very misunderstood. They are not trying to commit suicide, which is a popular belief, they're trying to save themselves. They know there might be something out there worth living for. These people have so much depression or anger that they take it out on themselves. Whether they can't share their emotions or don't have anyone to listen to them. It's kept a secret and true cutters never or rarely show their cuts. Sometimes they're embarrassed by what they do because they just want to be happy and don't want people to think there is something wrong with them. Cutting can happen anywhere on the body and by anything... knife, razor, etc. It doesn't contain itself to one group of people, another popular belief is that only emo kids do it. Cutters are everywhere and they're not always the quiet emo kids.
A fad that has come around is fake cutters. They usually make little scratch marks on their arms and then pull their sleeves up as often as possible to make people feel sorry for them. These are troubled people too because they starve for attention and distract from the seriousness of cutting.
Cutters need a lot of help, they need therapy, otherwise they'll end up tearing up there whole body. Most non-cutters can't relate to cutters because they haven't felt the pain they have. These people often become cold, belittle cutters, and are too arrogant to be able to relate. Instead they form stereotypes about them.
I know all of this about cutters because I am a recovering cutter. It's extremely difficult to get past, I have scars all over, but I desperatly wanted to be able to walk around with out being covered head to toe. Someday, I hope my scars will disappear and it's so hard to fall back into too. I don't expect people to always understand, but I just wish the stereotypes would go away. I wish any cutter luck and to hopefully find a way to get better.
by MaryOfNazareth May 29, 2005
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the jerk who jumps to the front of the line while everybody waits. they have many tactics, including the infamous "walk up and talk to a friend, then suddenly become part of the line". they are despised by many, but confronted by few.
guy 1 (after waiting five minutes) - look at that guy, he's innocently talking to his buddy at the front of the line
guy 2 - he's not talking to his friends, he's taking cuts! he's a cutter!
by boyioughttaslapyou May 25, 2009
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for some reason, self-injury has become associated with "emo's", which makes no sence at all as emo is quite a new thing, but people have been cutting for way longer than the trend has been about.
cutting is often a sighn of deeper mental problems. some people cut for attention, and people tend to look down on these people, but in my opinion, if they are realy willing to cut themselves to get attention, then i think they deserve it, but people who cut themselves to try and fit in with the "emo" trend just annoy me.
people who dont cut for attention try to cover it up as best they can, which if really dificult, especialy in summer. cutting helps relieve emotional pain, many cutters cannot explain why they cut, but it just...makes them feel beter.
NOT ALL CUTTERS WANT TO DIE. and that may be hard for you to understand, but it is true.
yes, i am a cutter. but i walk around in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody. no one knows except one or two of my freinds, they dont talk about it. so dont even think about saying that all cutters cut for attention.
by s9uit December 23, 2007
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