Adj: The word used to describe small children, baby animals, and adorable or coy acts.

NOT Something you call a girl to compliment her looks, use the word pretty in place of Cute when doing that.
Girl: Awah That puppy is soooo cuuute!!

Mom: Our son is just so cute when he plays make-believe!

Boyfriend: That was very cute of you, what you just did
by IrishxKiss July 29, 2011
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sombody who makes you smile when you see them or they talk like a doria
a girl whos not hot or sexy but cute(goll)
by dcxc2010 October 24, 2010
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Cute is someone who is ugly but loveable, someone you would go out with for a coffee but you would not f...
People who can be referred as cute are:

Steven B......
Philip S.... H....
Felicity ....
by d...... November 17, 2006
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synonmous with pathetic: remember, if you're not pathetic, you probably aren't cute either. if you're cute, well, but happy that you're cute.
girl(talking about guy2):Aww.. he's so cute!
guy1: I wish I were cute, but you know, I've got a spine.
guy2: ^_______________^
by mouse May 15, 2005
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