v. to Fart - Everyone knows that eating cheese makes you constipated. So eat lots of fiber to "cut through the cheese" and loosen things up. This makes for a smelly fucking fart, by god.
I ate a whole pizza yesterday and now I need to eat some bran to cut the cheese that's jamming up my colon.
by dave numbers May 21, 2007
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To fart.

Something that someone has done on the backside of the Wisconsin commemorative quarter.
by Sneaky Snyde May 27, 2005
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when someone lets out a fart. however there are all different types of farts. there are some which are really and i mean really loud that practically sshake the windows but make no smell at all. and then there are the SBDs (silent but deadly) which rele stink but no ones knows whop did it hence the name. but then there r the ones ur dog makes when he eats cheese. i mean have u ever smelled a dog fart? due the ones which make ur eyes burn and ur lungs feel like they have shrivled up and died in ur chest?!?! phew!
me: omg i cant breathe!
emily: hey! who the hell cut the cheese?!
jenna: dear god i cant breathe!!
me: i think i c the light!!...*passes out*
by alli-bo-balli34 March 05, 2007
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a rich fart having the aroma of fermented cheese.
when someone has dropped an SBD (Silent But Deadly) you ask, "hey! who's cut the cheese?"
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"Cutting the cheese" is simply the act of slicing various types of cheese, putting them beautifully displayed on a silver tray, adding condiments around the various cheese (the more expensive, the better), then when no one is looking, putting the cheese up to your anal canal and farting on as much as possible.
"The cheese has an exceptional flavor. Our hostess is a specialist at cutting the cheese, and knows how to flavor the white wine too... so it turns yellow and goes with the slices of weird smelling cheese.
by Barbara Blee-Johnny December 14, 2010
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This is a phrase that was first used in the '80s to refer to someone who farts.
From 'Fresh Prince of Bel-air'
Carlton: The next thing you know, we're all working at Domino's.
Will: You'll fit right in......You're used to cutting the cheese.
by Titiana_ July 12, 2019
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A way your body releases got gas anal cavity and it is recognized as a fart
Waiting there for Santa I thought I would cut the cheese on his lap
by Ilike2eatpussy May 26, 2018
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