A girls biotch, a person who has control over their boyfriend
Girlfriend: Nathan, carry my books
Boyfriend: Okay *takes books*
Friend: DUDE! Your such a Cupboard Boy!
by Laishah October 04, 2003
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A crotchety old bag of bones that lurks around one's home without the knowledge of the residents
the cupboard hag sat in the musty attic combing her thinning hair and trolling people on the internet
by Cupboardhag September 29, 2015
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A person who likes to lurk inside of cupboards spying on unsuspecting victims.
hey sim ya dirty cupboard monger. did i hear you spying on me last night while rooting my missus
by Folesy April 26, 2018
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A Cupboard rat is a rat that seemingly lives under your sink, and will hop out to snag any scrap that falls on the floor. you can buys the cupboard rat and cupboard rat XT at your local wal-mart for $500.
Me: Throws a pizza scrap on the floor...

Cupboard Rat: Hops out and snags the scrap quickly bringing it back to its cave and devouring it.
by BootsTheKitten November 30, 2010
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A cupboard in your home that is earmarked for putting odd items in. It usually starts as a regular cupboard but ends up with anything and everything. Mostly full of items that should have been thrown away or given to someone else but instead are kept because you think you may have use for them in 10 years.
I'll just put this tent in this cupboard. I'm sure we'll use it more than once. It's not as though we have a void cupboard.
by Millgid July 01, 2021
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