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A Cup O' Noodles occurs when doggy style sex is going down and the male pulls out his penis and cums in his cupped hand. once his female coutnerpart turns around to see why the fun has stopped, the 'cupped' hand of semen is tossed in her face.

It is appropriate for the male to then scream 'CUP O' NOODLES IN YO FACE!'
Tom was enjoying some back door action with Sally. Prior to climax, Tom decided Sally's snooty attitude at the bar and the amount of time it took to bed her called for a sturdy 'cup o' Noodles.'

Taking great care and positioning his hand just right, Thomas released his member from her love muff, held onto the bedside table for support and awaited Sally's head to turn.
'What's up baby, why'd u...'
With a flash and a flick of the wrist, 'CUP O' NOODLES IN YO FACE!,' Tom Exclaims.

Sally did not return Tom's calls until later that month.
by DonKnuckles March 20, 2012
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The ratio of men to women at a location in a predominately male fashion. Referring to noodles and no actual chicken in an instant cup o noodles.
Dude, this place is a "Cup O Noodles," all these noodles and no chicken! Let's bounce!
by Joe Fogarty January 29, 2008
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