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Music, usually featuring acoustic guitars, written by women for women.
Joan Osbourne is totally cunt rock!
by Anne May 09, 2004
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1. Music which may considered a reaction to Cock Rock (which celebrates loose sex, drugs and machismo) in which women whine about relationships, celebrate monogamy, talk about recovery, and portray men as sexist and abusive. 2. Music in which women reveal their own version sexism against men in general. Example of such work can be found in the music associated with the Lithe Fair Musicians: Sara Sarah McLachlan, Joan Osborne, Jewel, and the Indigo Girls. The tradition is being continue by such artist as Avril levene, Kelly Clark and Hillary Duff.
Sentence: Hey woman, shut off the damn Avril Levene cunt rock, put on some 50 Cent and get me a beer! Now!!!
by Jet Black615 November 21, 2005
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The musical genre of rock and roll blended with country. The Eagles are often cited as the grandfathers of the genre, but drunk and angry men had been playing it years before.

"Man, did you see Poontwang play last night? They have an awesome cuntrock sound"
by Jackson Kixx September 08, 2006
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Music that is soft and rock, but it is obviously that it only exists because stupid women like it. Other similar terms include pop-rock, pop-punk, and Creed.
Fuck the radio, all they play is cock rock!
by bidou333 May 07, 2004
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