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n. Used to describe someone who is a failure at life in general. Second most creative insult ever (see cock juggling thunder cunt).

see also: fuckwit,assmunch,twat waffle,fucktard
Person 1: You know what? You're a fucktard.
Person 2: Shut up, assface
Person 1: Bitch tit!
Person 2: Fuckwit!
Person 1: Twat waffle!
Person 2: CUNT MUFFIN!
Person 3: Damn... you got served
by MasterSheep August 05, 2005
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1. An insult that usually saved for a last resort to buy some time until one can think of something to say.

2. A person that deserves to be called something that the English language has no word for.
John: So I heard your mom was at the store the other day.
Eric: Yeah... so?
John: Oh, I just figured she would be too busy huffing paint and showing her penis to your friends..
Eric: Fuck off!
John: Is that what your mom tells her penis when it's attacking the innocent?

See, even though John is obviously funnier than Eric. Eric automatically wins because he broke out the cuntmuffin. John's argument is now invalid.
by dogbyte420 October 02, 2010
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The nicest and worst words put together.
It neutralizes the phase so it depends on the context in which it is used.
The phrase can be endearing or malicious.
by valereally January 21, 2008
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a person that is annoying and doesn't know it, so they keep talking to you
"Will your such a cuntmuffin"
by superbong25 February 20, 2004
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1. A slang term for a fuck buddy!

2. If you are actually going out with the girl, then it just means that she's the girl that gives you what you want.

3. Something to call someone if they start irritating you. Or just a word to call someone because it's funny. nice to put half baked before it.
1. Yo zack, sheniqua is my cunt-muffin!

2. That Ethan kid over there is a half baked cunt-muffin!
by cody October 15, 2004
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