A person who enjoys the taste of cum and guzzles it from a man like they can't get enough no matter how fast they swallow it.
Those students at C.C. are such cumguzzlers in the cafeteria.
by pedro March 17, 2005
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when a girl swallows, instead of spitting
"Yo that bitch is one fine cum guzzler."

"I am not a fucking cum guzzler. I'm a virgin"

"I'm not a cum guzzler, I spit"
by bafm October 17, 2006
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a man or woman who likes to drink the sexual excretions of a penis.
That Jason Franks is such a "cumguzzler".
by Ruby October 05, 2002
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A woman whom greedily and habitually gargles sperm in her mouth and
frequently the outcome will result in her swallowing the sperm.

I am never leaving this girl, she's the best cum guzzler on the planet!
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
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someone who consumes vast amounts of semen, one known example being Tom Budd
"man, look at Budd, hes such a cum guzzler, i make this statement due to the vast amount of semen that he is consuming at this current moment, and not simply as a derogatory term"
by Jimmy's Mum February 28, 2005
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A person (usually female) who eats massive quantities of semen, usually from several different men.
Ian loves it when many different men ejaculate in his mouth at the same time. He enjoys gargling the semen in his mouth and then swallowing it. Therefore, Ian is a cum guzzler.
by Ben Stoned May 29, 2008
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