When cum is leaving the penis but comes out to slow and forms a bubble at the head of the penis.
"He was going to cum in my mouth but all i saw was a cum bubble."
by Dante Smith March 18, 2006
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When her ass is full of cum and she farts resulting in cum bubbles.
" Jenny got her ass filled up with cum but when she farted she blew cum bubbles like a festering mud pool "

" he fucked me in the ass! I was blowing cum bubbles all day after that"
by Zipster_77 May 27, 2014
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When your dick is stoped up and you come a bubble.
It fucking hurt when the bitch sucked the cum bubble out of my stoped up dick.
by Dave October 24, 2003
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when your partner is finished anal with you, a large bubble will appear at the tip of his penis. made out of semen
oh my god babe! can i eat that cumbubble?
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by DICKWANKER22 March 13, 2018
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