A bubble blown using me-your-mum-and-her-anus quality cum, generally found to be sticky and chewy and a gum-like texture
After delivering a shamefully shitty blow job, the cheerleader began to blow a bubble with the sticky, chewy, gum-like cum that was left in her mouth. This pitiful attempt at entertainment actually turned on the jock and he spurted more in her mouth so she could do it again, since she swallowed the lot before....25 years to digest whore!
by Mizzle October 11, 2004
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An insult, used to describe somebody who's about as pleasant to hang around with as a bubble of spent cum.
Who the fuck invited this cumbubble to the party?
by Spike September 17, 2004
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After you do your friend's mom in the butt, she will fart and blow a cum bubble.
I boned Stacy's mon in the butt and when she farted she blew a cum bubble
by Dwight_stl November 09, 2007
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Genre of porn (and event depicted therein) in which recipient of "facial" produces bubbles made of semen.
The cheergirl kneeled before the satisfied football team, showing her "team spirit" by producing cumbubbles and winking her gooey fisheye.
by Hrangil July 21, 2003
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To perform a cum bubble can be done a number of ways, best example is: when you and you female partner are knockin boots you both cum and as you pull out she quiff(pussy fart) causing her to make a cum bubble
After me and my girl busted a nut I pulled out she pussy farted and I show her make a cum bubble ........ Then it burst....... What a mess
by mike fisher March 22, 2004
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During anal sex, a cum bubble is produced when a male ejaculates into the rectum of his partner. Since it feels like flatulence, which is essentially a bubble of gas in the rectum, it was thus named.
Goo! You gave me a cum bubble!
by MayokeOni October 27, 2003
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