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A cum tart is a sexually promiscuous guy or girl that seeks out cum, but in a selective manner. In a sense a cum tart is a slut that likes to think they have morals.
"But Jasper you've already fuck everyone here you little cum tart, if you dont find a new stomping ground soon people are gonna think your a dirty fucking cum-slut that'll just do anything with a hole!"

"She was acting like such a cum tart but we all knew she didn't care who or what fucked her!" "Are you still talking about Jasper?" "Yeh"

by The Moody Poet August 06, 2006
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When you get a hand job, with an armpit instead of a hand, and you cum in between the arm and pit. Slam it together and there’s a cumtart.
Guy 1: β€œHey man, you ever gave your girl a cumtart?”

Guy 2: β€œNo, what is that?”
by Crocsandhoes July 21, 2019
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