A cum stain is when you get seamen on your cloths and stains a white mark on it.
Jake: Whats that on your T-shirt martin.

Martin Gasps!

Martin: Nothing :|

Jake: thats a cum stain ! HAHA :P
by John Ferdinand Hawks May 1, 2011
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A derogatory phrase used to berate or otherwise castigate another male as to make him feel inferior to other males or to put him in his place. This phrase almost always alludes to the other male as belonging to a different sexual orientation (ie homosexual). This phrase is usually uttered in a heated conversation.
Listen you F**king Cum Stain. Why don't you go suck another couple hundred cocks before you try to run off at the mouth to me. Do you know who I am?
by JayWhiz July 15, 2009
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cum-stained is how a guy's sheets, underwear, and jockstaps get after he's blown his load on them multiple times.
I like to sniff and wear Matt's , my cadet roomie's, cum-stained underwear and jockstaps -- I even like to sleep on his sheets!
by USAF Cadet October 20, 2020
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The real life equivalent of spiderman, except his radioactive whore of a girlfriend bit his cock while she was blowing him, and he gained the ability to shoot strings of cum from his cock that are strong enough to swing from, you'll occasionally see him swinging around the streets of Alabama blasting people with his massive cock and cum shots, fucking your mom, wife, sister, cousin, daughter, you, your son, your dog, your cat, your camel, your underaged daughter, even your illegally imported pet alligator from Australia.

your favorite cum flinging superhero's abilities are:
cum shots, cum blasts, cum swinging, cum flinging, gerbilling (you are the victim in this case), and omniphilia

his enemies are Bitchardson Richardson, and The Inbred Associates Of Alabama (Alabama's sex crime syndicate)
you: cum stain stan fucked my underaged daughter again, and i think she's pregnant this time
your now pregnant daughter: he fucked dead grandma last night too
by cum.stain.stan April 24, 2022
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he who swings using strings of cum from his cock, and cum blasts his enemies, and fucks your mom, wife, sister, cousin, daughter, you, your son, your dog, your cat, your camel, your underaged daughter
cum stain stan fucked me in half with his massive cum blasts last night
by cum.stain.stan April 21, 2022
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Grandma:What is a Big cum stain
You:Something that happens after I finish jerking off
by Costas House November 28, 2019
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