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A slovenly thottie worth nothing but toppy
Loved for her body and mouth that be sloppy
Ass is so fat & tits on abundance
Tattoos & piercings will leave you in suspense
Hit her with two pumps (lil pump!), Tell that ho "Ciao!"
That's a wench I like to call a. . .
Lord Farquaad: Like brethren, thou will not acknowledge what mythical beast my celebrated scepter doth sunderedΒ‘

Jebediah Jones: Mi Lord, I am rather galvanized by your proclamation.

Tyrone from 3rd St & Patterson: Which chicken came to roost?

Lord Farquaad: Lady #$!*&//_.% , she exhibeth symptoms identical to that of a cum sow.

Tyrone: Always wipe yoself with a ShamWow! after piping a cum sow.

Jebediah Jones: Indeed_//!
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