a fucking hoe dat loves to slurp down semen, good at giving blow jobs and hella horny for dat kind of shit
dat bitch blew me and slurped my shit down like it was milk...shes a fucking cum slut man
by dadouf January 11, 2002
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a stupid slut who loves the feeling of cum running down their bodies and into any orifice. they love to lick it up, play with it, guzzle it, swallow it, use it as a condiment on their food, and some extreme cumsluts even love to bathe in it. they're constantly thinking about cum and when they can get it next. a good dirty little cumslut will do whatever it takes to get that substance that they love.
that melodie is such a dirty little cumslut. i hear she's so obsessed with the taste of cum that she uses it on all of her food. what a stupid little whore.
by reek November 12, 2013
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Alyssa is a cum slut. She loves that man cream so much she ate ten buckets.
by Alyss bhoeim gddtas April 06, 2015
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A stupid ho, like Chelsea, who sucks my massive cock and others', just to get the sweet, gooey prize at the end. Is usually great at giving head, and drinks ssemen in large quantities.
After I blew a huge load on her face, Chelsea licked it off and begged for more, the little cum slut.
by Orgasm Donor January 13, 2004
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Promiscuous female that enjoys consumption of he-batter
She's a dirty cumslut. She gobbled every last drop of my cocksnot and liked it.
by Drew MacFerguson May 15, 2005
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A girl who gets used only for a man to cum

"this girl on my snap helped me cum last night"

"shes a total cumslut"
by youracumslut June 15, 2020
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