A girl who enjoys recieving large amounts of semen poured upon her body, or injesting said semen. Usually works for www.cumonherface.com see also Bukkake
Wow, my puny ejaculation couldn't fulfill that cumslut of a mother of yours
by Dog of War March 19, 2005
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A person whose sole purpose is to have hot dripping cum all over there being. To lick it all up, to drink it, to spit it out just lick it up again, to share it, to bathe in it and simply live for it.
She cleaned it all up like the good little cum slut that she is Cum slut
by Bostonsfinest March 20, 2015
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A woman or adolescent girl who loves sex and wants to be inseminated. She seeks out men to inseminate her, and looks for convenient locations for men to fill her vagina with their sperm, and shoot sperm all over her body. She eagerly accepts several loads of sperm from several men one after another.
That Cumslut is so much fun! She led me and 6 other guys to a back room where we filled her vagina with sperm, and covered her with our sperm. We filled all her holes.
by Mdnght-rdr December 09, 2016
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A white guy who loves taking big black dick and getting cummed in.
He lets black men fuck him raw and cum in him like the cum slut he is.
via giphy
by WhiteBoyBitch4BBC September 21, 2020
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can you picture your favorite girl who likes to smile and suck down cum? I'll bet you can. That is the perfect example of a cum slut. Or to put it as that other guy : dat slut dat lahks tuh guzzle da cum ahl day!
by Gorilla April 22, 2004
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Any little whore that likes dick in her mouth.
You're a cumslut, I'm a cumslut, lets go find some dick!!!
by little meech December 25, 2010
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A girl that sucks cock and drinks cum.
Lauren L. gave 5 blowjobs and drank all their cum, she's the hottest cum slut around.
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