A cumslut is a person who loves to take a huge load of cum.
When simon farts cum flows down his legs and ass-cheeks. He is a cum-slut
by Heymana May 13, 2020
A girl or woman who loves sperm. A connoisseur of cum. One who is fascinated by the rhythmic expulsion of cum from a cock, by its gelatinous texture, the feel of it on her tongue, its smell, and its taste. A female who is fascinated by the power of cum to impregnate. One who loves to receive large volumes of sperm inside her from any source. Or someone named Lexie woods.
This hoe is a “cum slut”. No one loves her because she’s a ugly slut with cum on her face
by Bigppai June 3, 2022
is totally a fucking whore and is a fucking bitch
she is totally a cum slut she once fucked the whole baseball team
by bigcockenergy May 8, 2022
Someone who loves cum and plays with it with their hands
by Wsmbaeby.m June 15, 2022
When you are normally top but for the most masculine man in the room you instantly become a bottom
You see Jared over there he is such a Chad cum slut
by IrishMafiaXD September 18, 2022
The female aftermath of hours of sexual activities and arousal
She had to shower to rinse off the slut cum
by DarkMasterpiece August 27, 2022