The crusted jizz balls that are rolled up in the hair surrounding the anus after anal boinkage.
Shaniqua wasn't surprised to find cum nuggets in her boyfriend's ass hair, which proved her suspicions that he was indeed a butt pirate.
by Alshanjotweed April 27, 2006
the containers used to hold semen in your nutsack.
i could feel the sperm coming out of my cum nuggets.
by jonathan amar July 20, 2005
When you cum but instead of being a lot in one burst it comes out in smaller splurts but ends up with you actually cumming more due to the number of bursts, despite the small volume of each splurt. Tend to also feel more pleasurable then short bursts.
Joe: Ahhh! I'm cumming!!!
Yuri: Don't pull out Joe! Oh yeah!!
Joe: (while orgasming) oh yeah this feels so good
Yuri: Oh yeah joe uhhh I think it's cum nuggets your cumming so much and so many times ahhhh...
you get the idea
by I fucked a pussy that shit wet November 26, 2019
a child who is born via a nugget inserted into the female genitalia that has been came on by a male lover. though rare there have been recordings of such acts
yo did you know that Tyler is a cum nugget?
by BustyBaconBoi December 28, 2021
A chicken nugget that has been filled with cum at Mcdonalds by the cleaners.
Boy'My nuggets all goowey and white inside' -cry-
Mum'MMMMM sperm'
Mum'My child has been given a cum nugget!'
by slothcrab February 11, 2008
A complete and utter twat; somebody so full of themself that they want everyone to know how 'brilliant' they are.
Pat: God, am I great! I'm so clever, and a great person to be around! (He isn't)

Dan: He's a right Cum-nugget!
George: Amen.
by FretWizard September 11, 2014
A nugget of cum
Why tf you freezing your cum

I'm making a cum nugget dumbass
by hifsdf54654654 May 6, 2020