A slut/whore/prostitute who lives and/or works in the gutter; said woman also comes into oral contact with so much human ejaculate, that she is henceforth known as a "cum guzzling gutter whore".
Dude, don't go after that chick...she's a well-known cum guzzling gutter whore.
by danielle April 12, 2007
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A homeless person or whore usually found on the streets near a gutter that enjoys guzzling cum. Not just any cum, but dirty nasty cum.
That Jenny sure is a cum guzzling gutter whore.

Wow, you mean to tell me that you found your girlfriend guzzling cum? What a gutter whore!
by pensadoii February 24, 2009
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some dumb trashy girl who will sleep with anything because she cant get anyone good
Brittney Stiles is a cum guzzling gutter whore, don't you agree?
by Haiwood Jablomi April 1, 2007
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A female that swills semen for fun and/or profit.
She has to have a cock in her mouth at all times. She's a cum-guzzling gutter whore!
by Phil Buster February 13, 2012
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A young promiscuous lady whom resides within the gutters of the city limits. She enjoys the taste of man cheese in her mouth, sometimes even from multiple men and loves the feeling as it slides down her throat. Can sometimes be associated with bukkake.
Omg check out that Cum-guzzling-gutter-whore, me and my buddy Rico tapped that shit last week, i sprayed my junk all down her mouth and she gulped every last drop.
by skankbaggger69 April 1, 2009
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