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one who swallows loads of seman
betty is a cum guzzler
by diesel February 14, 2005
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one who sucks the cock and guzzles the cum.
my mommy told me one night that she was at a bukkake festival and she was the cumguzzler of the year.
by hopanger October 17, 2002
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One who has a extreme liking for swallowing and does it with great fervor.
Alexis loves choking down my load. She is such a cum guzzler and can't get enough.
by Charlie Golf August 19, 2005
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one who guzzles cum
one who eats the man juice
one who swallows sperm
That cum-guzzler swallowed my cum like water.
by Jack Mehoff March 05, 2005
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a slut, someone who drinks a lot of semen, a semenoholic
"i wouldn't touch his/hers with a barge pole, he/she is an uber cum guzzler"
by Matt Dieden March 07, 2006
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